Piti Champeethong

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Piti Champeethong works as a software architect at Manao Software. He has been a part of the software development community for over 20 years and has rich experience in Azure DevOps. He is a Microsoft Certified Trainer, lecturer and community leader. He is also a Microsoft Certified DevOps Expert Engineer and Azure Solution Architect Expert. Piti has worked on projects such as Social Mobile Application using Flutter, Google Firebase, and Azure Pipelines, Micro Payment Web Application using Azure Kubernetes Clusters, Azure SQL, and Azure Pipelines, and Manufacturing Web Application using .NET Core, SQL Server, and Azure Pipelines.

Books from Piti Champeethong

  1. Implementing continuous integration and delivery systems with Azure Pipelines
    Harness the power of Azure Pipelines to build and automate CI/CD solutions with ease