Piotr Tylenda

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Piotr Tylenda is an experienced DevOps and software engineer with a passion for Kubernetes and Azure technologies. In his projects, he has focused on the adoption of microservices architecture for monolithic applications, developing big data pipelines for e-commerce, and architecting solutions for scalable log and telemetry analytics for hardware. His most notable contribution to Kubernetes' open source ecosystem is the development of Ansible automation for provisioning and deploying hybrid Windows/Linux Kubernetes clusters. Currently, he works at Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen in Denmark as part of a team developing a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central SaaS offering.

Books from Piotr Tylenda

  1. Hands-On Kubernetes on Windows
    Build and deploy scalable cloud applications using Windows containers and Kubernetes
  2. The Kubernetes Bible
    Get up and running with Kubernetes 1.19 and simplify the way you build, deploy, and maintain scalable distributed systems