Phani Kumar Lingamallu

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Phani Kumar Lingamallu works as a Partner Solution Architect at Amazon Web Services. Having around 28 years experience in IT industry, he has previously served in several well-known companies like Microsoft, HCL Technologies, etc. He has worked on projects such as migration of Microsoft datacenter workload to Azure, monitoring and managing 45000+ servers in Microsoft datacenters and multiple AIOps transformations in monitoring, automation, reporting and analytics for large clients across Europe. He holds a masters in science degree in Electronics and several certifications such as AWS Solution Architect Professional, Microsoft Certified Azure Solution Architect Expert, etc.

Books from Phani Kumar Lingamallu

  1. An Insider's Guide to Observability on AWS
    Monitor, log, and trace your cloud applications using the power of AWS’ myriad observability tools to ensure the systems you build are resilient