Paulo Dichone

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Paulo Dichone is an Android, Java, and Flutter developer and teacher. He is passionate about teaching people about Android, Java, and Flutter development and has taught over 80,000 students across 175 countries.

He holds a degree in computer science from Whitworth University and loves programming, apart from teaching. Paulo has extensive experience in mobile app and web development and is also the founder of “Build Apps with Paulo”, where students are given the tools that they need to become professional developers.

Showing students how to make amazing applications/software is an extremely rewarding experience for him, which is why he has been teaching online for the past 5 years. His goal is to make you a great developer, no matter what your experience.

Books from Paulo Dichone

  1. GraphQL and Apollo with Android: From Novice to Expert [Video]
    Build modern, flexible, and extensible APIs with GraphQL and Apollo
  2. TornadoFX: Build JavaFX Applications with Kotlin [Video]
    Get started with creating JavaFX applications using TornadoFX - A lightweight JavaFX framework for Kotlin
  3. AngularDart: Build Dynamic Web Apps with Angular and Dart [Video]
    Master Angular and Dart (AngularDart) and build high-performance, flexible, and dynamic web apps
  4. D3.js: Complete Developer Data Visualization Guide [Video]
    Bring data to life with the D3.js data visualization library, and get up to speed with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to build stunning data visuals
  5. Learn Java Design Patterns: The Complete Guide [Video]
    Get to grips with Java design patterns and write robust and extensible software
  6. The Comprehensive Android Developer Bootcamp [Video]
    Learn new Android APIs such as RoomDatabase, ML Kit for face recognition, Cloud Firestore, Firebase, Maps, and the Android Studio IDE (integrated development environment)
  7. The Complete Flutter and Dart App Development Course [Video]
    Learn Flutter - Google's mobile development framework - and build Flutter iOS and Android apps using a single codebase
  8. The Complete Intermediate Android Masterclass [Video]
    Learn intermediate Android concepts such as content providers, services, broadcast receivers, room database, and WorkManager API
  9. Flutter Web - Build a Diary Web App with Flutter and Cloud Firestore [Video]
    Build adaptive web apps using a single code base