Patrick Viafore

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Patrick Viafore is a software engineer with 12 years' experience writing C++ and web applications. From meteorology software to telecommunication firmware and operating systems in the cloud, he's been involved in many facets of the software world.

Patrick has seen new technologies grow and blossom, and knows how hard it can be to stay on the cutting edge, especially given the lightning-quick pace of web development.

He focuses on distilling the concepts that you care about, and reinforcing them with real code. In this course, he will be pulling code excerpts from real, open-source libraries and showing you how to transform them into WebAssembly.

Patrick enjoys teaching and has given conference talks, hosted workshops, and mentored many developers.

Books from Patrick Viafore

  1. Selenium Fundamentals
    Speed up your testing by automating user interaction with browsers and web applications
  2. Hands-On WebAssembly for C++ Programmers [Video]
    Take advantage of the performance and speed of C++ directly in web browsers