Dr. Pablo Rivas

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Dr. Pablo Rivas is an assistant professor of computer science at Baylor University in Texas. He worked in industry for a decade as a software engineer before becoming an academic. He is a senior member of the IEEE, ACM, and SIAM. He was formerly at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center performing research. He is an ally of women in technology, a deep learning evangelist, machine learning ethicist, and a proponent of the democratization of machine learning and artificial intelligence in general. He teaches machine learning and deep learning. Dr. Rivas is a published author and all his papers are related to machine learning, computer vision, and machine learning ethics. Dr. Rivas prefers Vim to Emacs and spaces to tabs.

Books from Dr. Pablo Rivas

  1. Deep Learning for Beginners
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    Implement supervised, unsupervised, and generative deep learning (DL) models using Keras and Dopamine with TensorFlow