Pablo Deeleman

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Pablo Deeleman is a former UI/UX designer who fell in love with JavaScript and CSS back in 1998, during the old days of Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer 3. The discovery of Node.js back in 2011 became a turning point in his career. From that moment on he started focusing on JavaScript application development, with a special focus on creating single-page applications and interaction development. With sound expertise in front-end libraries and frameworks, such as Backbone.js, Knockout.js, Polymer, React, Svelte, AngularJs, and Angular, Pablo has developed his career as a JavaScript practitioner across a broad range of successful start-ups as well as large enterprise corporations such as Gameloft, Red Hat or Dynatrace, just to name a few. He currently works as a Senior Software Engineer and Angular specialist for Dynatrace, a Gartner quadrant leader in the Application Performance Monitoring field. Pablo Deeleman has contributed to the dev community with several books on Angular since 2016, all published by Packt Publishing.

Books from Pablo Deeleman

  1. Learning Angular - Third Edition
    Uncover Angular’s potential for creating enterprise web applications—from setting up the environment to deployment—with the help of expert guidance, step-by-step explanations, and hands-on exercises