Nikolina Finska

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Nikolina Finska has 10 years of gaming experience and another 10 in software industry. She has been recognised for her contribution to QA practices by being nominated for Tester of the year by Finnish Testing Association.

Nikolina has been working on over 15 games and was in charge for QA on several Angry Birds franchise games. She teaches QA as a guest lecturer on several Finnish universities, like Amiedu and KAMK. For the last five years, Nikolina has been entrepreneur and also a founder of QA agency, FXPS Services that provides services to gaming and software industry. For her contribution to tech industry and diversity in tech, Nikolina has been finalist of Everywomen in Tech Awards.

In her past, Nikolina did almost every type of QA, from localisation to live OPS, on range of platforms: from large databases, web, through every imaginable gaming platform. These days, her QA work is mostly in management, but she still regularly finds bugs in any software.

Books from Nikolina Finska

  1. Modern Game Testing
    Implement modern and agile QA practices to ensure your games are high quality, on budget, and released on time.