Neeraj Kumar

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Neeraj Kumar is a Drupal architect, author, project manager, and overall geeky guy who enjoys using technology for bringing value to businesses. He is also the chief engagement officer of Valuebound, an India-based Drupal consulting firm that provides enterprise Drupal solutions for media and product companies.

He earned his bachelor's degree in architecture from the Indian Institute of Roorkee. Yes, you heard it right; he is an architect by degree training and used to design buildings. But nowadays, he is more into architecting Drupal solutions for enterprises and advocating best practices, along with contributing to the awesome Drupal community. You can follow Neeraj on Twitter at or his LinkedIn profile at

Books from Neeraj Kumar

  1. Drupal 8: Efficient Application Development
    Build innovative custom applications using the power of Drupal 8
  2. Drupal 8 Development: Beginner's Guide - Second Edition
    Develop your programming skills by creating engaging websites using Drupal 8