Navule Pavan Kumar Rao

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Navule Pavan Kumar Rao is a full-stack software consultant with product development experience in the Banking, Finance, Corporate Tax, and Automobile domains. He pursued Executive M.Tech in Data Science from IIT ((Indian Institute of Technology) Hyderabad and holds B.Tech in Electronics and Communications Engineering from Vaagdevi Institute of Technology & Science.

He has played key roles in identifying business requirements and convert them into viable products with the help of his vast software development skills at various companies. He also played a key role in the deployment of Software Applications that become a part of the CI/CD pipeline to the Public Cloud Platforms such as Azure, GCP, and non-cloud, On-Premise Infrastructures.

Books from Navule Pavan Kumar Rao

  1. Getting Started with V Programming
    Learn a new statically compiled programming language to build maintainable and fast software with the help of this comprehensive guide to V programming