Nathan Rozentals

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Nathan Rozentals has been writing commercial software for over 30 years, in C, C++, Java and C#. He picked up TypeScript within a week after its initial release in October 2012 and realized how much TypeScript could help when writing JavaScript. He was one of the first people to start blogging about TypeScript, discussing early frameworks such as Backbone, Marionette, ExtJS and AngularJs. He knew he'd hit the mark when Microsoft staff started to reference his blog posts in their CodePlex discussion forums.

Nathan’s TypeScript solutions now control User Interfaces in IoT devices, run as stand-alone applications for Point-of-Sale solutions, provide complex application configuration web sites, and are used for mission-critical server APIs.

Books from Nathan Rozentals

  1. Mastering TypeScript 3 - Third Edition
    Master the TypeScript language and its latest features. Explore modern application frameworks and utilize industry best practices in TDD, OOP and UI Design.
  2. Mastering TypeScript - Fourth Edition
    Learn all you need to know to work with TypeScript, explore modern web application frameworks, and build modular systems using industry standard architectural principles and design patterns