Naren Yellavula

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Naren Yellavula, known in the developer community as Naren Arya, started his programming career in a somewhat surprising manner. He ditched mechanical engineering in favor of computer science after watching The Matrix for the first time. With domain expertise in cloud telephony and e-commerce, Naren has a total of 6 years' professional experience and 10 years of programming experience. His articles on open source have been read over a million times worldwide.

Naren has spoken at the PyCon India conference on two occasions. He currently works as a software engineer, building microservices for Tradebyte Software GmbH (a Zalando enterprise). In his spare time, he travels to new places. He also loves reading – nonfiction most of the time, and Victorian and Russian fiction on occasion.

Books from Naren Yellavula

  1. Hands-On RESTful Web Services with Go - Second Edition

    Design production-ready, testable, and maintainable RESTful web services for the modern web that scale easily