Mustafa Toroman

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Mustafa Toroman is a program architect and lead system engineer with Authority Partners. With years of experience of designing and monitoring infrastructure solutions, lately he focuses on designing new solutions in the cloud and migrating existing solutions to the cloud. He is very interested in DevOps processes, and he's also an Infrastructure-as-Code enthusiast. Mustafa has over 50 Microsoft certificates and has been an MCT for the last 8 years. He often speaks at international conferences about cloud technologies, and he has been awarded MVP for Microsoft Azure since 2016. Mustafa also authored Hands-On Cloud Administration in Azure and Azure Networking Cookbook, and co-authored Learn Node.js with Azure, all published by Packt.

Books from Mustafa Toroman

  1. Hands-On Cloud Administration in Azure
    Explore Azure services such as networking, virtual machines, web apps, databases, cloud migration, and security
  2. Azure Networking Cookbook
    Learn to distribute network traffic, optimize application delivery, and defend network-level threats.
  3. Mastering Azure Security
    Leverage Azure security services to architect robust cloud solutions in Microsoft Azure
  4. Azure Networking Cookbook - Second Edition
    Find out how you can leverage virtual machines and load balancers to facilitate secure and efficient networking