Murat Karslioglu

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Murat Karslioglu is a distinguished technologist with years of experience using infrastructure tools and technologies. Murat is currently the VP of products at MayaData, a start-up that builds data agility platform for stateful applications, and a maintainer of open source projects, namely OpenEBS and Litmus. In his free time, Murat is busy writing practical articles about DevOps best practices, CI/CD, Kubernetes, and running stateful applications on popular Kubernetes platforms on his blog, Containerized Me. Murat also runs a cloud-native news curator site, The Containerized Today, where he regularly publishes updates on the Kubernetes ecosystem.

Books from Murat Karslioglu

  1. Kubernetes - A Complete DevOps Cookbook
    Leverage Kubernetes and container architecture to successfully run production-ready workloads
  2. Kubernetes in Production Best Practices
    Design, build, and operate scalable and reliable Kubernetes infrastructure for production