Michael Hackett

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Michael Hackett is a storage and SAN expert in customer support. He has been working on Ceph and storage-related products for over 12 years. Apart from this, he holds several storage and SAN-based certifications and prides himself on his ability to troubleshoot and adapt to new complex issues. Michael is currently working at Red Hat, based in Massachusetts, where he is a principal software maintenance engineer for Red Hat Ceph and the technical product lead for the global Ceph team. Michael lives in Massachusetts with his wife, Nicole, his two sons, and their dog. He is an avid sports fan and enjoys time with his family.

Books from Michael Hackett

  1. Ceph Cookbook - Second Edition
    Over 100 effective recipes to help you design, implement, and troubleshoot manage the software-defined and massively scalable Ceph storage system.
  2. Ceph: Designing and Implementing Scalable Storage Systems
    Get to grips with the unified, highly scalable distributed storage system and learn how to design and implement it.