Mauricio Rubio Parra

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Mauricio Rubio Parra, an Agile guru and the founder of AgileKB|Ureducation, has a master’s degree in management and is an engineer with 10 years of experience in project management (Agile certified). He is an expert in software and mobile development projects (including Agile development and digital services), with a strong capacity to drive innovation, productivity, efficiency, improvement, growth, and high performance. He has experience providing content for higher education and has worked with small, medium, and large companies.

He has a proven track record for consistently exceeding targets and delivering projects on time and within budget. He has led course development, LMS, CMS, CRM, mobile apps, Facebook apps, web development, new product development, IT, operations, sales, and procurement projects across a wide range of industries including IT, FMCG, and equipment industries.

He is the founder of various start-ups such as e3Learning (the leading online training provider in Australia), part of Open Universities Australia, which has big clients such as Qantas, IGA, and Tupperware; and ETECOL (a Colombian compact and heavy equipment distributor), part of Doosan and Bobcat, a global company with billions of dollars in sales. He has also founded an American high-tech start-up with important clients such as NASA; the White House; the U.S. Department of Defense; an American Fortune 500 company, Johnson & Johnson, one of the biggest and most respected brands in the world.

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