Marius Bancila

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Marius Bancila is a software engineer with almost two decades of experience in developing solutions for the industrial and financial sectors. He is the author of The Modern C++ Challenge and co-author of Learn C# Programming. He works as a software architect and is focused on Microsoft technologies, mainly developing desktop applications with C++ and C#. He is passionate about sharing his technical expertise with others and, for that reason, he has been recognized as a Microsoft MVP for C++ and later developer technologies since 2006. Marius lives in Romania and is active in various online communities.

Books from Marius Bancila

  1. Learn C# Programming
    Get started with C# and strengthen your knowledge of core programming concepts such as procedural, object-oriented, generic, functional, and asynchronous programming along with the latest features of C# 8
  2. Modern C++ Programming Cookbook - Second Edition
    A pragmatic recipe book for acquiring a comprehensive understanding of the complexities and core fundamentals of C++ programming