Marco Consolaro

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Marco Consolaro is a software craftsman, systems thinker, agile technical coach, entrepreneur, philosopher, and restless traveler – all blended with Venetian humor. Marco learned to code in Basic on a Commodore when he was 9 years old. He graduated from Venice University in 2001 with a degree in Computer Science. Since then, Marco has worked in Italy and the UK and is always looking to learn something new. When his journey led him to the agile principles, he quickly realized the effectiveness of such an approach for both technical and organizational areas. He now strongly believes that an iterative approach based on trust, transparency, self-organization, and quick feedback loops is the key to success for any team in any discipline. His dream is to see these principles based on systems thinking understood and implemented at every level in businesses and public administrations. Follow Marco on Twitter at @consolondon.

Books from Marco Consolaro

  1. Agile Technical Practices Distilled
    RRP $20.99 Save 52%
    Delve deep into the various technical practices, principles, and values of Agile.