Manoj Kukreja

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Manoj Kukreja is a Principal Architect at Northbay Solutions who specializes in creating complex Data Lakes and Data Analytics Pipelines for large-scale organizations such as banks, insurance companies, universities, and US/Canadian government agencies. Previously, he worked for Pythian, a large managed service provider where he was leading the MySQL and MongoDB DBA group and supporting large-scale data infrastructure for enterprises across the globe. With over 25 years of IT experience, he has delivered Data Lake solutions using all major cloud providers including AWS, Azure, GCP, and Alibaba Cloud. On weekends, he trains groups of aspiring Data Engineers and Data Scientists on Hadoop, Spark, Kafka and Data Analytics on AWS and Azure Cloud.

Books from Manoj Kukreja

  1. Data Engineering with Apache Spark, Delta Lake, and Lakehouse
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    Understand the complexities of modern-day data engineering platforms and explore strategies to deal with them with the help of use case scenarios led by an industry expert in big data