Magnus Vilhelm Persson

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Magnus Vilhelm Persson is a scientist with a passion for Python and open source software usage and development. He obtained his PhD in Physics/Astronomy from Copenhagen University’s Centre for Star and Planet Formation (StarPlan) in 2013. Since then, he has continued his research in Astronomy at various academic institutes across Europe. In his research, he uses various types of data and analysis to gain insights into how stars are formed. He has participated in radio shows about Astronomy and also organized workshops and intensive courses about the use of Python for data analysis.

You can check out his web page at

Books from Magnus Vilhelm Persson

  1. Python: End-to-end Data Analysis
    Leverage the power of Python to clean, scrape, analyze, and visualize your data
  2. Mastering Python Data Analysis
    Become an expert at using Python for advanced statistical analysis of data using real-world examples