Lukasz Makinia

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Lukasz Makinia is a freelance web developer and a Lean Sigma Six Black Belt. From the beginning of his 8-year professional career, he’s related to the field of continuous improvement by providing IT and Lean Management solutions to medium and large companies. He also creates web applications mainly for data gathering and processing using Python/Django, JavaScript, React, and ML. In his free time, Luke writes articles for his blog—PyPlane.

He is associated with “Django Ninjas”—a web framework for building APIs with Django and Python 3.6+ type hints. They provide online educational courses mainly about Python/Django by the community of web developers across the globe. Their classes are project-based only, which means “teaching by doing”.

Books from Lukasz Makinia

  1. Image Classifier with Django and React [Video]
    Build your own AI-driven image classifier web application
  2. Django with Data Science [Video]
    Learn how to integrate Django with pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib, and Seaborn
  3. Django with JavaScript and Ajax [Video]
    Enter the world of Django with JavaScript and Ajax