Luca Massaron

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Having joined Kaggle over 10 years ago, Luca Massaron is a Kaggle Grandmaster in discussions and a Kaggle Master in competitions and notebooks. In Kaggle competitions he reached no. 7 in the worldwide rankings. On the professional side, Luca is a data scientist with more than a decade of experience in transforming data into smarter artifacts, solving real-world problems, and generating value for businesses and stakeholders. He is a Google Developer Expert(GDE) in machine learning and the author of best-selling books on AI, machine learning, and algorithms.

Books from Luca Massaron

  1. TensorFlow Deep Learning Projects
    RRP $27.99 Save 64%
    Leverage the power of Tensorflow to design deep learning systems for a variety of real-world scenarios
  2. Python Data Science Essentials - Third Edition
    RRP $31.99 Save 69%
    Gain useful insights from your data using popular data science tools
  3. Machine Learning Using TensorFlow Cookbook
    RRP $24.99 Save 60%
    Comprehensive recipes to give you valuable insights on Transformers, Reinforcement Learning, and more
  4. The Kaggle Book
    RRP $35.99 Save 72%
    Get a step ahead of your competitors with insights from over 30 Kaggle Masters and Grandmasters. Discover tips, tricks, and best practices for competing effectively on Kaggle and becoming a better data scientist.