Liviu Costea

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Liviu Costea started as a developer in the early 2000 and his career path took him to different roles from Developer to Coding Architect and from Team Lead to CTO. In 2012 he transitioned to DevOps, when at a small company, someone had to start working on pipelines and automation because the traditional way wasn’t scalable anymore.

In 2018 he started with the Platform Team and then he was the Tech Lead in the Release Team at Mambu, where they designed most of the CI/CD pipelines, adopting GitOps practices. They have been live with Argo CD since 2019. More recently he joined Juni, a promising startup, where they are planning the GitOps adoption. For his contributions to OSS projects, including Argo CD, he was named CNCF Ambassador in August 2020.

Books from Liviu Costea

  1. Argo CD in Practice
    Build CD pipelines following GitOps principles like declarative and immutable changes stored in version control all being continuously reconciled by Argo CD and minimize the failure of deployments