Lee Zhi Eng

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Lee Zhi Eng is a self-taught programmer who worked as an artist and programmer at several game studios before becoming a part-time lecturer for 2 years at a university, teaching game development subjects related to Unity and Unreal Engine.

He has not only taken part in various projects related to games, interactive apps, and virtual reality but has also participated in multiple projects that are more oriented toward software and system development. When he is not writing code, he enjoys traveling, photography, and exploring new technologies.

Books from Lee Zhi Eng

  1. Hands-On GUI Programming with C++ and Qt5
    Create visually appealing and feature-rich applications by using Qt 5 and the C++ language
  2. Qt5 C++ GUI Programming Cookbook - Second Edition
    Use Qt 5 to design and build functional, appealing, and user-friendly graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for your applications.
  3. Application Development with Qt Creator - Third Edition
    A comprehensive guide that will help you master developing the cross-platform high-performance applications that are user-friendly and feature-rich.