Konrad Szydlo

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Konrad Szydlo is a psychology and computing graduate from Bournemouth University. He has worked with Clojure for the last 8 years. Since January 2016, he has worked as a software engineer and team leader at Retailic, responsible for building a website for the biggest royalty program in Poland. Prior to this, he worked as a developer with Sky, developing e-commerce and sports applications, where he used Ruby, Java, and PHP. He is also listed in the Top 75 Datomic developers on GitHub.

Books from Konrad Szydlo

  1. Hands-On Reactive Programming with Clojure - Second Edition
    Learn how to use RxClojure to deal with stateful computations
  2. The Clojure Workshop
    Learn how to solve problems using Clojure or ClojureScript and become a confident functional programmer with the help of engaging activities and challenging projects