Kenny Ballou

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Kenny Ballou is a life-long learner, developer, mathematician, and overall thinker. He enjoys solving problems, learning about technologies, and discussing new and different ideas.

He graduated from the Boise State University, majoring in applied mathematics, and minoring in computer science. He has been programming professionally for nearly a decade, and is currently working as a software developer for an analytics company in the Boise, Idaho area.

Apart from developing professionally, he is active in the open source community, contributing where he can.

When he is not developing, he enjoys reading, learning, and shredding the local mountains.

You can read more from him on his blog at, check out his code on GitHub at, and follow him on Twitter at @kennyballou.

Books from Kenny Ballou

  1. Learning Elixir
    Unveil many hidden gems of programming functionally by taking the foundational steps with Elixir
  2. Elixir: Scalable and Efficient Application Development
    Explore the Elixir programming concepts for building maintainable applications