Keeper L. Sharkey

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Keeper L. Sharkey, PhD is the founder and CEO of ODE, L3C, a social enterprise that serves through Quantum Science, Technology and Research, qSTAR. She is Chair of Quantum Applied Chemistry at Quantum Security Alliance. She obtained a PhD in Chemical Physics from the University of Arizona as a US National Science Foundation graduate research fellow, May 2015, and a Bachelor's of Science in both Mathematics and Chemistry, May 2010. She remains a Designated Scientific Research Campus Colleague at the University of Arizona. She published over 30 manuscripts in top peer-reviewed journals regarding non-Born-Oppenheimer quantum mechanical finite-nuclear mass variational algorithms and has been cited over 400 times; H-index and i10-index of 10

Books from Keeper L. Sharkey

  1. Quantum Chemistry and Computing for the Curious
    Acquire knowledge of quantum chemistry concepts, the postulates of quantum mechanics, and the foundations of quantum computing, and execute illustrations made with Python code, Qiskit, and open-source quantum chemistry packages