Karthikeyan NG

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Karthikeyan NG is the Head of Engineering and Technology at the Indian lifestyle and fashion retail brand. He served as a software engineer at Symantec Corporation and has worked with 2 US-based startups as an early employee and has built various products. He has 9+ years of experience in various scalable products using Web, Mobile, ML, AR, and VR technologies. He is an aspiring entrepreneur and technology evangelist. His interests lie in exploring new technologies and innovative ideas to resolve a problem. He has also bagged prizes from more than 15 hackathons, is a TEDx speaker and a speaker at technology conferences and meetups as well as guest lecturer at a Bengaluru University. When not at work, he is found trekking.

Books from Karthikeyan NG

  1. Machine Learning Projects for Mobile Applications
    Build Android and iOS applications using TensorFlow Lite and Core ML
  2. Mobile Artificial Intelligence Projects
    Learn to build end-to-end AI apps from scratch for Android and iOS using TensorFlow Lite, CoreML, and PyTorch