Karthikeya T.

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Teaching is an art in Karthikeya T.’s opinion. He believes it’s the responsibility of the instructor to make sure that the student understands the concepts.

He doesn’t want to promote his decade and a half of experience in the industry. All his experience means nothing to him if he fails to teach his students in the way they understand.

His primary focus is to teach the technology and ease our journey to a successful life.

Books from Karthikeya T.

  1. Servlets and JSP Tutorial for Beginners [Video]
    Enter the world of J2EE by learning servlets and JSP technologies the easy way
  2. Learn Spring Core Framework the Easy Way [Video]
    Enter the world of the Spring framework with this course
  3. Spring MVC With Spring Boot (All Modules) and Project [Video]
    Enter the world of Spring MVC by learning Spring Data JPA and Spring Security the easy way