Karthik Ramasubramanian

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Karthik Ramasubramanian completed his M.Sc. in Theoretical Computer Science at PSG College of Technology, India, where he pioneered the application of machine learning, data mining, and fuzzy logic in his research work on computer and network security. He has over seven years' experience of leading data science and business analytics in retail, Fast-Moving Consumer Goods, e-commerce, information technology, and the hospitality industry for multinational companies and unicorn start-ups. He is a researcher and a problem solver with diverse experience of the data science life cycle, starting from data problem discovery to creating data science proof of concepts and products for various industry use cases. In his leadership roles, Karthik has been instrumental in solving many ROI-driven business problems via data science solutions. He has mentored and trained hundreds of professionals and students globally in data science through various online platforms and university engagement programs. He has also developed intelligent chatbots based on deep learning models that understand human-like interactions, customer segmentation models, recommendation systems, and many natural language processing models. He is an author of the book Machine Learning Using R, published by Apress, a publishing house of Springer Business+Science Media. The book was a big success with more than 50,000 online downloads and hardcover sales. The book was subsequently published as a second edition with extended chapters on Deep Learning and Time Series Modeling.

Books from Karthik Ramasubramanian

  1. Applied Supervised Learning with R
    Learn the ropes of supervised machine learning with R by studying popular real-world use cases, and understand how it drives object detection in driverless cars, customer churn, and loan default prediction.