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Kaiwan N Billimoria

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Kaiwan N Billimoria taught himself programming on his dad's IBM PC back in 1983. He was programming in C and Assembly on DOS until he discovered the joys of Unix (via Richard Steven's iconic book, UNIX Network Programming, and by writing C code on SCO Unix).

Kaiwan has worked on many aspects of the Linux system programming stack, including Bash scripting, system programming in C, kernel internals, and embedded Linux work. He has actively worked on several commercial/FOSS projects. His contributions include drivers to the mainline Linux OS, and many smaller projects hosted on GitHub. His Linux passion feeds well into his passion for teaching these topics to engineers, which he has done for over two decades now. It doesn't hurt that he is a recreational ultra-marathoner too.

Books from Kaiwan N Billimoria

  1. Linux Kernel Development Cookbook
    RRP $35.99 Save 72%
    Learn kernel development along with kernel internals and cover essential background for driver authors