Julio Cesar Bueno de Camargo

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Julio Cesar Camargo is a cybersecurity professional with +15 years of experience working with open-source software. He started with Conectiva Linux and later became the official instructor helping dozens of students. As an aviation enthusiast and airplane pilot, he strives to bring all the aviation best practices to his professional routine.

Julio started working with OPNsense in 2016, contributing to the project with code, official forum moderation, articles, Udemy course, and promotions in Europe. He founded Cloudfence in 2018, a cybersecurity startup and a Luso-Brazilian-managed security services firm with an open-source DNA. As its CTO, Julio aims to spread open source security as a service to companies from different parts of the world.

Books from Julio Cesar Bueno de Camargo

  1. OPNsense Beginner to Professional
    Work with one of the most efficient open-source FreeBSD-based firewall and routing solutions to secure your network with ease