Jojo Moolayil

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Jojo Moolayil is an artificial intelligence, deep learning, machine learning, and decision science professional with over six years of industrial experience. He is the author of Learn Keras for Deep Neural Networks, published by Apress, and Smarter Decisions – The Intersection of IoT and Decision Science, published by Packt Publishing. He has worked with several industry leaders on high-impact, critical data science and machine learning projects across multiple verticals. He is currently associated with Amazon Web Services as a research scientist in Canada. Apart from writing books on AI, decision science, and the internet of things, Jojo has been a technical reviewer for various books in the same fields published by Apress and Packt Publishing.

Books from Jojo Moolayil

  1. Smarter Decisions - The Intersection of Internet of Things and Decision Science
    Enter the world of Internet of Things with the power of data science with this highly practical engaging book
  2. Applied Supervised Learning with R
    Learn the ropes of supervised machine learning with R by studying popular real-world use cases, and understand how it drives object detection in driverless cars, customer churn, and loan default prediction.