John P. Doran

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John P. Doran is a passionate and seasoned Technical Game Designer, Software Engineer, and Author who is based in Incheon, South Korea. His passion for game development began at an early age. He later graduated from DigiPen Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science in Game Design. For over a decade, John has gained extensive hands-on expertise in game development working in various roles ranging from game designer to lead UI programmer working in teams consisting of just himself to over 70 people in student, mod, and professional game projects including working at LucasArts on Star Wars: 1313. Additionally, John has worked in game development education teaching in Singapore, South Korea, and the United States. To date, he has authored over 10 books pertaining to game development. John is currently a Technical Game Design Instructor at George Mason University Korea. Prior to his present ventures, he was an award-winning videographer.

Books from John P. Doran

  1. Unity 2018 Shaders and Effects Cookbook - Third Edition
    Bring realism to your games by mastering post-processing effects and advanced shading techniques in Unity 2018
  2. Unreal Engine 4.x Scripting with C++ Cookbook - Second Edition
    Write efficient, reusable scripts to build custom characters, game environments, and control enemy AI
  3. Virtual Reality with Unity [Video]
    Build effective, realistic, and exciting Virtual Reality games in Unity 3D
  4. Unity 2020 Mobile Game Development - Second Edition
    Create and publish profitable and engaging 2D and 3D games for Android and iOS with the latest Unity 2020 toolset
  5. Unity 2021 Shaders and Effects Cookbook - Fourth Edition
    Overcome the challenges and complexities involved in creating your own shaders with high-level realism using practical solutions, best practices, and the latest features of Unity 2021
  6. Unity 2022 Mobile Game Development - Third Edition
    Get started with mobile game development with this practical guide on how to use Unity 2022 and C# to build cross-platform mobile games and add augmented reality features to your projects