John Madieu

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John Madieu is an embedded Linux and kernel engineer living in Paris, France. His main activities consist of developing device drivers and Board Support Packages (BSPs) for companies in domains such as IoT, automation, transport, healthcare, energy, and the military. John is the founder and chief consultant at LABCSMART, a company that provides training and services for embedded Linux and Linux kernel engineering. He is an open source and embedded systems enthusiast, convinced that it is only by sharing knowledge that we can learn more. He is passionate about boxing, which he practiced for 6 years professionally, and continues to channel this passion through training sessions that he provides voluntarily.

Books from John Madieu

  1. Mastering Linux Device Driver Development
    Master the art of developing customized device drivers for your embedded Linux systems
  2. Linux Device Driver Development - Second Edition
    Get up to speed with the most important concepts in driver development and focus on common embedded system requirements such as memory management, interrupt management, and locking mechanisms