John Gilbert

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John Gilbert is a CTO with over 30 years of experience in architecting and delivering software systems across many industries. His cloud journey has spanned all the levels of cloud maturity, from lift and shift and software-defined infrastructure to microservices and continuous deployment. He was an early serverless adopter and put his first serverless workloads into production just months after AWS Lambda's introduction. He has also authored Cloud Native Development Patterns and Best Practices and JavaScript Cloud Native Development Cookbook. He finds delivering serverless solutions to be, by far, the most fun and satisfying, as they force us to rewire how we reason about systems and enable us to accomplish far more with much less effort and risk.

Books from John Gilbert

  1. JavaScript Cloud Native Development Cookbook
    Master over 60 recipes to help you deliver completely scalable and serverless cloud-native applications
  2. Architecting Cloud Native Applications
    Apply cloud native patterns and practices to deliver responsive, resilient, elastic, and message-driven systems with confidence
  3. Software Architecture Patterns for Serverless Systems
    A professional's guide to solving complex problems while designing modern software