Joakim Verona

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Joakim Verona is a consultant who specializes in continuous delivery and DevOps. He has worked on all aspects of systems development since 1994. He has actively contributed as the lead implementer of complex multilayered systems, such as web, multimedia, and mixed software/hardware systems. His wide-ranging technical interests led him to the emerging field of DevOps in 2004, where he has stayed ever since.

Books from Joakim Verona

  1. Practical DevOps - Second Edition
    Understand the benefits of DevOps and continuous delivery and see how they support the agile software development process
  2. Practical DevOps
    Harness the power of DevOps to boost your skill set and make your IT organization perform better
  3. Learning DevOps: Continuously Deliver Better Software
    Learn to use some of the most exciting and powerful tools to deliver world-class quality software with continuous delivery and DevOps