Jay LaCroix

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Jeremy "Jay" LaCroix is a technologist and open-source enthusiast, specializing in Linux. He has a net field experience of 20 years across different firms as a Solutions Architect and holds a master's degree in Information Systems Technology Management from Capella University. In addition, Jay also has an active Linux-focused YouTube channel with over 250K followers and over 20M views, available at LearnLinuxTV, where he posts instructional tutorial videos and other Linux-related content. He has also written Linux Mint Essentials and Mastering Linux Network Administration, published by Packt Publishing.

Books from Jay LaCroix

  1. Mastering Ubuntu Server - Third Edition
    This is the third edition of the bestselling one-stop resource for sysadmins and DevOps professionals to learn, configure and use Ubuntu 20.04 for their day-to-day operations and deployments.
  2. Mastering Ubuntu Server - Fourth Edition
    Your one-stop resource to learn, configure and use Ubuntu 22.04 for your day-to-day operations and deployments