Jason Alls

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Jason Alls has been programming for over 21 years using Microsoft technologies. Working with an Australasian company, he started his career developing call center management reporting software used by global clients including telecom providers, banks, airlines, and the police. He then moved on to develop GIS marketing applications and worked in the banking sector performing data migrations between Oracle and SQL Server. Certified as an MCAD in C# since 2005, he has been involved in the development of various desktop, web, and mobile applications.

Currently employed by a globally recognized leader in the educational software sector, he develops and supports dyslexia testing and assessment software written in ASP.NET, Angular, and C#.

Books from Jason Alls

  1. Clean Code in C#

    Develop your programming skills by exploring essential topics such as code reviews, implementing TDD and BDD, and designing APIs to overcome code inefficiency, redundancy, and other problems arising from bad code

  2. Mastering High Performance with C# 9.0 and .NET 5
    Enhance the performance of your enterprise applications with the help of expert techniques and best practices