Jan-Hendrik Peters

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Jan-Hendrik Peters is an automation and DevOps professional by day, and a developer for the AutomatedLab framework by night. After working at an international retailer automating distributed POS support systems, he started working as a premier field engineer for Microsoft Germany, where he helps customers automate their infrastructure on-premises and in the cloud. When he is not working, he likes to spend his time brewing his own beer, curing his own bacon, and generally doing manual labor.

Books from Jan-Hendrik Peters

  1. Learn PowerShell Core 6.0
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    Enhance your skills in expert module development, deployment, security, DevOps, and cloud
  2. Powershell Core 6.2 Cookbook
    RRP $27.99 Save 64%
    Make use of hands-on recipes for many tasks that are typically encountered in both the on-premises as well as the cloud world.