Hui-Chuan Chloe Lee

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Hui-Chuan Chloe Lee is a DevOps and software developer. She has worked in the software industry on a wide range of projects for over five years. As a technology enthusiast, she loves trying and learning about new technologies, which makes her life happier and more fulfilling. In her free time, she enjoys reading, traveling, and spending time with the people she love

Books from Hui-Chuan Chloe Lee

  1. Kubernetes Cookbook - Second Edition
    Learn how to automate and manage your containers and reduce the overall operation burden on your system.
  2. Kubernetes Cookbook
    Learn how to automate and manage your Linux containers and improve the overall performance of your system
  3. DevOps: Puppet, Docker, and Kubernetes
    Get hands-on recipes to automate and manage Linux containers with the Docker 1.6 environment and jump-start your Puppet development
  4. DevOps with Kubernetes
    Learn to implement DevOps using Docker & Kubernetes.
  5. DevOps with Kubernetes - Second Edition
    Leverage the power of Kubernetes to build an efficient software delivery pipeline.
  6. Getting Started with Containerization
    Choose the smarter way to learn about containerizing your applications and running them in production.