Heitor Ramon Ribeiro

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Heitor Ramon Ribeiro has been developing for the web for over 15 years. Heitor has built enterprise applications for businesses using Vue.js and the principles of clean architecture, shifting his course from legacy applications to the new world of single-page applications (SPAs) and progressive web applications (PWAs). He thinks that almost anything is possible today with a browser and that JavaScript is the future of programming. When he’s not programming or leading a frontend team, he’s with his family having fun, streaming their gaming sessions, or playing some first-person shooter games.

Books from Heitor Ramon Ribeiro

  1. Vue.js 3 Cookbook
    Explore the new features of Vue.js 3 and discover best practices for building fault-tolerant and professional frontend web applications
  2. Building Vue.js Applications with GraphQL
    Take your Vue.js knowledge to the next level by understanding full-stack development concepts and exploring modern web technologies such as AWS Amplify, GraphQL, and Quasar Framework