Gunther Lenz

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Gunther Lenz is senior director of the technology office at Varian. He is an innovative software R&D leader, architect, MBA, published author, public speaker, and strategic technology visionary with more than 20 years of experience. He has a proven track record of successfully leading large, innovative, and transformational software development and DevOps teams of more than 50 people, with a focus on continuous improvement. He has defined and lead distributed teams throughout the entire software product lifecycle by leveraging groundbreaking processes, tools, and technologies such as the cloud, DevOps, lean/agile, microservices architecture, digital transformation, software platforms, AI, and distributed machine learning. He was awarded Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for Software Architecture (2005-2008). Gunther has published two books, .NET – A Complete Development Cycle and Practical Software Factories in .NET.

Books from Gunther Lenz

  1. Hands-On Kubernetes on Azure
    Efficiently deploy and manage Kubernetes clusters on a cloud
  2. Hands-On Kubernetes on Azure - Second Edition
    Kick-start your DevOps career by learning how to effectively deploy Kubernetes on Azure in an easy, comprehensive, and fun way with hands-on coding tasks
  3. Hands-on Kubernetes on Azure - Third Edition
    Understand the fundamentals of Kubernetes deployment on Azure with a learn-by-doing approach