Guanhua Wang

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Guanhua Wang is a final-year Computer Science PhD student in the RISELab at UC Berkeley, advised by Professor Ion Stoica. His research lies primarily in the Machine Learning Systems area including fast collective communication, efficient in-parallel model training and real-time model serving. His research gained lots of attention from both academia and industry. He was invited to give talks to top-tier universities (MIT, Stanford, CMU, Princeton) and big tech companies (Facebook/Meta, Microsoft). He received his master’s degree from HKUST and bachelor’s degree from Southeast University in China. He also did some cool research on wireless networks. He likes playing soccer and runs half-marathon multiple times in the Bay Area of California.

Books from Guanhua Wang

  1. Distributed Machine Learning with Python
    Build and deploy an efficient data processing pipeline for machine learning model training in an elastic, in-parallel model training or multi-tenant cluster and cloud