Govardhan Gunnala

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Govardhan Gunnala is a Technical Architect with knowledge of cross-platform technologies understanding and applying them to complex business requirements. He is a computer science graduate and a Microsoft and Citrix® Certified professional specialized in server, desktop, and application virtualization technologies. He is a skilled IT network security analyst and is highly regarded for sophisticated automation using Perl and PowerShell scripting. He has designed and delivered various cloud software solutions based on web, Citrix®, and VMware technologies. He is also responsible for data center architecture and network security administration. He earlier worked as a senior systems engineer and member of IT systems at a global investment and technology development firm. He is also a technical blogger, corporate and institutional trainer with more than 9 years of experience in the IT software industry.

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Books from Govardhan Gunnala

  1. Mastering Citrix XenDesktop
    Design and implement a high performance and efficient virtual desktop infrastructure using Citrix XenDesktop