Gian Marco Iodice

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Gian Marco Iodice is team and tech lead in the Machine Learning Group at Arm, who co-created the Arm Compute Library in 2017. The Arm Compute Library is currently the most performant library for ML on Arm, and it's deployed on billions of devices worldwide – from servers to smartphones.

Gian Marco holds an MSc degree, with honors, in electronic engineering from the University of Pisa (Italy) and has several years of experience developing ML and computer vision algorithms on edge devices. Now, he's leading the ML performance optimization on Arm Mali GPUs.

In 2020, Gian Marco cofounded the TinyML UK meetup group to encourage knowledge-sharing, educate, and inspire the next generation of ML developers on tiny and power-efficient devices.

Books from Gian Marco Iodice

  1. TinyML Cookbook
    Work through over 50 recipes to develop smart applications on Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense and Raspberry Pi Pico using the power of machine learning