Gareth Cantrell

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Gareth Cantrell is currently working at Square Enix as a ITSM Solution Architect.

He has a software engineering background, having spent at least 15 years of his 25-year career developing various software solutions for clients.

For the past 10 years, Gareth has been involved in designing, implementing, and integrating solutions with Jira and other Atlassian tools, most of which involve automation to varying degrees.

He has worked on projects including end-to-end ITSM solutions with Jira/Slack and other third-party tools, Agile and DevOps implementations in Jira, and integrations with various CI/CD tools.

Books from Gareth Cantrell

  1. Automate Everyday Tasks in Jira
    Learn how to automate tasks and create rules in Jira with the help of different use cases