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Fernando Monteiro

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Fernando Monteiro is a full-stack engineer, speaker, and open source contributor. He has built and made some of his personal projects open source such as Responsive Boilerplate, Frontend Boilerplate, Angm-Generator, and TrelloMetrics.

With around 16 years of experience in information technology, his current focus is on weband mobile enterprise JavaScript applications.

He has worked as graphic designer for various companies and products, including mobile applications.

Books from Fernando Monteiro

  1. Node.js 6.x Blueprints
    RRP $39.99 Save 75%
    Create stunning web applications and Restful APIs from start to finish with Express, Loopback, MongoDB, and MySQL using this definitive guide
  2. Learning Single-page Web Application Development
    RRP $26.99 Save 63%
    Build powerful and scalable single-page web applications using a full stack JavaScript environment with Node.js, MongoDB, AngularJS, and the Express framework
  3. Hands-On Full Stack Web Development with Angular 6 and Laravel 5
    RRP $35.99 Save 72%
    Build modern, fast, and progressive web applications using modern features of PHP 7 and TypeScript
  4. AngularJS Directives Cookbook
    RRP $31.99 Save 69%
    Extend the capabilities of AngularJS and build dynamic web applications by creating customized directives with this selection of more than 30 recipes
  5. Node.js: Creating Applications from Scratch
    RRP $124.99 Save 92%
    Make web applications on the server-side using the powerful technology of Node.js
  6. Node.js Projects [Video]
    RRP $94.99 Save 89%
    A project based practical guide to create dynamic server-side applications