Fabrizio Cimo

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Fabrizio Cimo’ is an Italian industrial designer and mechanical engineer that has always been passionate about 3D software, rendering, and virtual reality, with an open-source philosophy. In 2007, this passion led him to create his YouTube channel with lessons on several 3D design tools like Rhinoceros, Blender, Unreal Engine, Fusion 360, and Keyshot.

During his second college degree, Autodesk discovered his videos and asked him to join the Student Ambassador program on Fusion 360 in order to promote the use of the software in Italy to students. After the degree he was hired as a machine designer for the manufacturing of PCB and other electronic components. Today, Fabrizio works as a designer for laser manufacturing.

Books from Fabrizio Cimo

  1. Making your CAM journey easier with Fusion 360
    Take the next step as a designer and start understanding the manufacturing world, mastering Fusion 360 CAM and exploring the production technology’s best practices!