Dr. Davide Aversa

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Dr. Davide Aversa holds a PhD in artificial intelligence and an MSc in artificial intelligence and robotics from the University of Rome La Sapienza in Italy. He has a strong interest in artificial intelligence for the development of interactive virtual agents and procedural content generation. He served as a Program Committee member of video game-related conferences such as the IEEE conference on computational intelligence and games, and he also regularly participates in game-jam contests. He also writes a blog on game design and game development.

Books from Dr. Davide Aversa

  1. Unity Artificial Intelligence Programming - Fourth Edition
    Learn and Implement game AI in Unity 2018 to build smart game environments and enemies with A*, Finite State Machines, Behavior Trees and NavMesh.
  2. Unity Game Optimization - Third Edition
    Get up to speed with a series of performance-enhancing coding techniques and methods that will help you improve the performance of your Unity applications